Author: Yuri Tricys  May 2, 2021  |    Jazz, music
Songs: Tommy Flanagan: Eclypso by John Coltrane from 'The Cats', Mr. P.C, Verdani, Good Bait, Jes' Fine, St. Thomas, Beat's Up, Tonight, Mean Streets, Just Squeeze Me, North of The Sunset, New Song No. 3, Mighty Lak' a Rose Playlist Title: Tommy Flanagan
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 29, 2021  |    Classical, Flute, Hoffman, Mandolin, Vivaldi
Songs: J.N.Hummel: Concerto for Mandolin and Strings (G major): I.Allegro moderato e grazioso, II.Andante con variazioni,III.Rondo, A.Vivaldi:Concerto for Mandolin and Strings (C major): I.Allegro, II.Largo, III.Allegro, A.Vivaldi:Trio for Violin, Lute and Countiniue (C major) RV.82.: I.Allegro, II.Largo, III.Allegro, A.Vivaldi:Chamber Conserto for Lute, 2 Violins and Continuo (D major) , RV 93: I.Allegro, II.Largo, III.Allegro, A.Vivaldi:Concerto for 2 Mandolins and Strings (G major) , RV 532 I.Allegro, II.Andante, III.Allegro Playlist Title: Vivaldi And Hummel
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 8, 2021  |    good reads, history, newsroom, science
On September 19th, 1783, at the royal palace in Versailles, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier introduced the King and Queen of France to their redoubtable 500lb invention, a curious brightly painted contraption of sackcloth and paper, wrapped in a fish net and held together with buttons. Their ambitious intent was to position the bag over a fire, fueled with bundles of chopped straw, and inflate it into a balloon, which would then be manned by a sheep, a duck, and a rooster and raised into the sky, achieving the world's first ever flight with living creatures.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 6, 2021  |    agriculture, civilization, geography, history
In addition to featuring Jared Diamond's cool voice, the National Geographic film "Guns, Germs, And Steel, The Fate of Human Societies" outlines a theory as relevant to the world we know today as it was when Columbus 'sailed the ocean blue.' Jared's argument tells us world domination is not a function of racial superiority, but one of geographically enabled knowledge transfer. He argues geographic proximity enabled trade in skills, technology, and biological development, by which he means bacterial and viral immunity.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 4, 2021  |    contemporary, jazz, strings
Songs: Stephen Oliva, Susanne Abbuehl, Oyvind Hegg - Lund: Mosquito Dance, Strings & Timpani: Escargot, Cashmere, Swarming Strings Made Out Of Light, Talk Tick Talk, FM4E, Laxevaag, Fabian M. Mueller, Kaspar von Grunigen & Oyvind Hegg-Lunde: Frost, Eg Beisla Min Stovel, Og Sala Mitt Sverd, Hvor Det Blir Godt A Lande, Tinga Og Tila, Building Instrument: Sangen Min Playlist Title: Contemporary Strings and Tempani
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