Cloud Nine is a blog about 'stuff.' Yes, exactly, 'stuff,' in all its ambiguous grandeur. 'Stuff' can mean pretty much anything, but I'm talking about a special kind of stuff, that kind that makes us human. You know like: 'bleck,' philosophy, ethics, motivation, and work. Or, success, family, friends, and community...

Okay, you get the point. I have a license to write about pretty much anything here. And even though you can see from the menu items on the navigation bar that Cloud Nine is about sciency stuff, and books; and even though I'm going to warn you right now it's also about computers; rest assured, the motivation section is meant for everyone. It's meant to inspire you and guide you toward your purpose; but, if that fails, just listen to some tunes.

Etymologically, the word "cloud" comes from a big rocky hill. "Cloud Nine," on the other hand, is described by Wikipedia as "...a name colloquially given to the state of euphoria." If something you read here gives any reader a boost, a snicker, or an insight, it's a success.

"In Old English the word for 'cloud' wasweolecen(whence modern Englishwelkin, a poetical term for 'sky'), which is related to Germanwolke,'cloud.' At that time Old Englishclud, the ancestor ofcloud, meant 'mass of rock, hill' (it is probably related toclod). A applied to 'clouds,' presumably from a supposed resemblance between cumulous clouds an lumps of earth or rock, it dates from the 13th century."

It's All About You

You, dear reader, are important. Without you there is no we. That's the human condition. As individuals working together in organizations, living together in communities, grouped together in nations, exchanging goods and services with one another to survive and prosper, we are nothing without each other. As communities, We don't always get along; but we have so much in common, and so many reasons we could. And that's what matters. That there is hope for us all to get along more and more. So when you're reading here remember, writing is as much about putting pen to paper as it is about scanning words with our eyes and turning pages. Without the reader, there is no writer.

Thank you for coming here. I hope you find something that interests you, and if you do, I hope you will gift it on to someone else.

About Me

Hi, my name is Yuri. I'm currently writing content for the web and building web pages for my clients, wonderful people just like you. I have a huge interest in writing, computers, the humanities, and education. Over the years, I've studied a variety of different subjects, from sciences, and mathematics, economics, and business, to history, literature, writing, and music. For the last seven years I've focused only on computer sciences, in the context of web development and data science (as well as computational related research I did in association with my university). In the future, I'd like to connect with more and more wonderful people, learn more about Golang, PHP, and Design, as well as keep on writing. The languages I've worked with the most (other than English) are R, Javascript, PHP, and SQL (as well Elisp...though only as needed to master my favourite text editor.)

And there it is! Welcome to Cloud Nine. Browse around and leave a comment somewhere


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