Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 25, 2018  |    macroeconomics, newsroom, Trade, Trends Global
Rarely have free trade debaters--on all sides--had better opportunities to wag tongues. The long-standing era of free trade deals that in Canada started with the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement in 1987 (CUSFTA), superseded by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, has run squarely into a pronounced US protectionist revival that glaringly threatens the now deeply integrated global trade regime. This is not, by the way, an uncontested protectionist movement.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 25, 2018  |    macroeconomics, newsroom, stock market, trends global
Natural sciences in usual circumstances are wonderfully predictable; what goes up must come down. Economists since Walras have been promoting the profitable illusion that economics is a natural science. Today, more than anytime in history, that charade is obviously bunk. US stocks have gone up but not down. This has analysts, traders, economists, and pretty much everyone else asking the same questions. Why aren't they coming down? When will they? Should I buy US stocks?
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 23, 2018  |    investing, learning center
What is the Best Age To Invest? According to value investors, like Warren Buffet, the secret sauce of finance can be explained in five simple words: Investing is all about timing. The five simple words that contain the secret to investing like a billionaire are: The time value of money. While money doesn't exactly grow on trees, it does actually grow like a tree-a big, green, Christmasy [acceptable?], money tree. Yes, most people eventually learn the sheer power of savings and compound interest, but few people learn it early enough to use it wisely.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 20, 2018  |    alternative-energy, newsroom, stock-market, trends-global
The price of a metric ton of cobalt, the precious metal used in lithium batteries, increased 60% in the last year to $81,500 USD, a 264% increase since its all time low in February of 2016. Higher prices have lifted present valuations of cobalt bearing properties and attracted capital into the metal. Typically, when a commodity booms in price supply increases until the price falls. In 2017, however, analysts predicted high prices through 2022, based on supply-side restrictions.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 18, 2018  |    learning center, stock market
What is an ETF? Electronically traded funds are close-end funds that trade on a stock exchange. They are managed through a creation and redemption scheme that ties their contents to those of an index, or selection of investments that meet specific criteria. The value of an ETF is determined by market forces. When the value deviates from the net asset value (NAV) of the underlying investments, traders trade on the arbitrage opportunity.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Feb 12, 2018  |    newsroom, trends global
Despite what some people will tell you, the recent sell-off in the stock market was not a result of rising bond yields (as I said before rising bond yields are more likely to have delayed the sell-off). Yes, bond yields now are more volatile, and so are stocks; and yes, money moving between the two and from the sidelines has an impact on that volatility; but, there are two stronger theories, in my opinion, explaining the sell-off now.
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