Author: Yuri Tricys  Jan 11, 2021  |    learning-center, news-room
If you use Wordnet as an extension to your text editor, you may eventually begin to wonder what is up with all the nutsy downward sloping oddly indented syntax. Then you might go here, to wikipedia, and read up on all the madness. Or you can browse a few of the tidbits we've pasted below. This Summary is From Wordnet's Website WordNet superficially resembles a thesaurus, in that it groups words together based on their meanings.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Jul 26, 2020  |    film, house, jazz, music
Songs: Tokyo Megaplex - Pinapple House Party, The Hole Foods Experience, Ahhhhh, The Price Is Wrong Playlist Title: Tokyo Megaplex As I understand, Tokyo Megaplex is a Brooklyn musical artist. I listened to a few of their tracks and enjoyed these ones. If you can listen beyond the Hip Hop (a decidedly specific segment of the musical spectrum), they could go nicely with augmented reality. Augmented Reality is a concept developed in recent years by designer KEIICHI MATSUDA.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 20, 2020  |    alternative, music, pop, punk
Poppy, punky, alternative sounds you're probably already familiar with through their advertising business. They're not so far on Wiki yet, but below are descriptions from their webpage. "Midnight Riot is the edgy duo brought to life by soulful rocker Emily Kopp, and guitarist/producer Justin Beckler. Drawing from their love of pop and old school indie rock, their creations feature good old-fashioned guitar riffs, room-shaking stomps and claps, and hooks that sink so deep you'll be humming them for weeks.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Apr 10, 2020  |    music, science fiction
Nothing, but it could have been worse. Actually, I got bored and didn't watch it all. I'm writing about it here because there were a couple of things I liked. I'll tell you about those shortly. First, disclaimer: I didn't watch any of the Cloverfield series. They must have been good though, because they made a lot of money. The box office from the first one, "Cloverfield," released in 2008, something like tripled cost.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Mar 17, 2020  |    news room, opinion
Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, which you surely already know, but I see no harm in expanding on the Assange trial and hope you will at least thank me for not posting yet another picture of toilet paper. First, note the image to the right says "Journalism is not a Crime." It does not say "Do not extradite Julian Assange." I'd like more information, but I'm not in a position to pick sides.
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