Author: Yuri Tricys  Jan 29, 2021  |    css, emacs, emacs hydras, learning center, scss
This post covers the following sections from my init. Css and Scss Modes Preamble Emacs is old school. You're either new to it - which means you wouldn't be here unless it was your type of thing - or you know what you're looking for. In either case, search 'Emacs' in tags or search on this site. Then read the posts y date from oldest to newest.
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Author: Yuri Tricys  Jan 11, 2021  |    learning-center, news-room
If you use Wordnet as an extension to your text editor, you may eventually begin to wonder what is up with all the nutsy downward sloping oddly indented syntax. Then you might go here, to wikipedia, and read up on all the madness. Or you can browse a few of the tidbits we've pasted below. This Summary is From Wordnet's Website WordNet superficially resembles a thesaurus, in that it groups words together based on their meanings.
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